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Hi, I'm Michael!

After working in education and mental health for over two decades, I realized that the human body needs more than just talk therapy and advice.

We are starving for authentic spirituality and human contact. All my clients over the years have expressed a desire to "experience more"; to activate the mind, the physical body, and the multi-dimensional spirit.

Learning about and having consistent mentors in modalities such as Reiki, Intuitive Touch, Kundalini Activation, Energy work and Multi-dimensional Soul Integration help me to be a much more in-tune practitioner for a new human experience.


About Me


My Mind:

My educational background began with a Bachelor’s degree in History Teaching (BA) and a Masters in Education (MEd). Initially, I taught teenagers in various public and private school settings, and even ran our homeschool for a time. In 2013, I pursued further education, earning a second Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling (MFT) and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology (PhD). These degrees and training helped me understand and navigate the physical and psychological dimensions of the human experience, but only in the traditional sense. This knowledge and experience became a bridge that I needed to close the gap between societal realities and the 5D spiritual realm.


My Body:

From an early age, I recognized my physical body as a separate distinct living organism. I discovered the power of communicating with my individual cells, organs, and bodily systems in a way that influenced them toward a specific outcome. By tuning into my body's frequencies, I learned to address issues like allergy attacks, heartburn, and muscle cramps. I was able to communicate with my physical body in order to aid it in distress or enhance a situation. We can all learn how to communicate with our physical and spiritual bodies through energy alignment to create a more enhanced human experience.


My Spirit:

My spiritual journey began in the Christian faith, where I was ordained as a spiritual leader at an early age and underwent lengthy seminary training over many years. Through decades of temple rituals and spiritual ceremonies, my study of symbolism, scripture, and mythology was enlightened. In 2018, after having had many spiritual experiences and encounters with spiritual beings, I embarked on a five-year "existential/identity crisis," renouncing organized religion for a more individualized spiritual path. This exploration led me to appreciate all ancient rituals, ceremonies, and spiritualities; many of which had been tainted by modern perversions. Overall, I've developed the ability to guide others in discovering their unique path and help them activate their own hidden potentials.

My Awakening:

After living an entire 42-year-long identity in a high-demand Christian religion, I sincerely realized that God would want me to venture out on my own to put all the lessons of life to the test. So, I began an exploration of the human experience without any loyalty to an institution, but rather to my own self; and for the first time, I tried to experience life without any preconceived biases or religious programming.

Being a lifelong seeker of truth, I realized fairly quickly that truth was everywhere and in everything; that there wasn't a 'one truth to rule them all' recipe hidden in a book somewhere high in the Himalayas.

Around this time, the pandemic hit, and through a series of events, my wife and I took on a reversal of traditional roles; I quit my job and stayed home with the kids and she began a long-awaited career outside of the home. It wasn't long until I fell into an identity-less depression without any end in sight. This burnout, midlife crisis, and loss of identity lasted 4 long years. Unbeknownst to me, my Higher Power was marinating me for what was to come -- baptism by fire.

Due to her tenacity, drive, and powerful intuitive gifts, my wife was able to build an amazing community and business that allowed us to pay the bills and travel the globe; thus beginning my fight up and out of the dismal despair. Once that happened I began a journey of healing through all of the modalities that are offered throughout the spiritual landscape.  

In a matter of 6 months, I had countless transformative experiences: I participated in powerful transcendental meditations, received multi-dimensional Reiki sessions, worked on very specific manifestations and reaped the rewards. I had cathartic, healing sound baths. I communicated with and experienced spiritual beings. I then traveled the globe undergoing more powerful initiation rituals and ceremonies in different sacred locations. First, in the beaches and hills of southern California to the lush paradise of Kauai, Hawaii; to the rolling hills of Mangawhai, New Zealand; to the boroughs of New York City; and finally to the beautiful countryside of Glastonbury as well as the inner city of London, England where I seemed to have been symbolically reborn--taking my first steps across the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, London.

My Higher Power took me through so many powerful initiations and activations in such a short amount of time that there wasn't any time for me to back away. I now feel more empowered in my Divine Masculine than I ever have in my life. With a renewed sense of purpose, I move forward to help others have the best human experience they can while in this reality. 

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