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What Does a Prime Meridian Session Look Like?

Sessions with Michael include a harmonious blend of 

 guided meditation, somatic bodywork, breathwork,

energetic Reiki, massage and sound healing.


All sessions are held at The Healing Studio located in Hermosa Beach, CA. Other locations will be offered in the near future. House calls are offered through email communication at least 2 days in advance. I am in various locations around the US and other countries at different times throughout the year so check back often. 

Session Format:

Format: The format of a session is similar to a massage by using a blend of healing modalities based on intuitive touch, sound healing, and channeling. The client lies on a therapeutic table and Michael uses his hands to channel and direct healing energy in and around the chakras and meridians throughout the body, from head to feet. Similar to reflexology, manipulation of the foot meridians is essential in guiding energy in and out of the body. The crown chakra and head meridians are often activated with cranial sacral methods; and so on with other chakras and meridians throughout the body. Intuitive touch may vary in pressure, intensity, and location depending on the client's goals and preferences.  

Healing Approach: Communicating mutual consent and respecting boundaries is paramount for creating a safe place. The Healing Room is a powerful, energetic place where mutual respect and love exist. The Kundalini energy that is channeled and activated is a life force spiritual energy that accelerates the process of deep receiving and healing. This energy activation is intended to work in tandem with the body's chakras and meridians to expand consciousness and spiritual awakening.  

Energetic Balancing: By moving his hands over the client's chakras, meridians, and pressure points, Michael allows his intuition to guide him until every area of the client's body is energized and a healing vibration is transmitted unlocking physical, mental, and spiritual power. When the chakras and meridians of the body are energized, the soul and body are reminded of their natural state of perfect health and bliss. 

Intuitive Insights: Michael often receives intuitive information about a client’s body or life situation during the session. This insight along with the client's specific goals are the focus of the session. By identifying beforehand a few core beliefs, together we will maneuver the energy in the direction it needs to go.  

Vibrational Frequencies: Depending on the client's needs and desires, Michael may use vibrational frequencies of sound, both through instruments and his voice, as a tool for healing. Many people find that a therapeutic micro-dose (sacrament) helps to enhance the intensity of the session; this is available upon request (see Journeys page). Keep in mind, this may lengthen the session time.

Plant medicines: The plant medicine session will include a sound bath and meditation to create an energetic connection. A card pull (or sacrament) is available for spiritual guidance and bodywork/massage is also available. The session concludes with a spiritual/therapeutic integration. 

Session Preparation:

No special preparation is required, but arriving well-hydrated, in good hygiene, and with comfortable clothing is advised. The physical meridians such as the head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and feet need to be free of clothing or jewelry. Access to a private bathroom is available. 

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Clients' Experiences Vary, but Typical Reports Include:

  • Seeing visions or dreams that promote the clarity of past, present, or future experiences.

  • Intense feelings of relaxation, love, and emotional freedom during and after the session.

  • Release from physical and emotional aches and pains.

  • Renewed clarity of mind towards receiving healing intentions.

  • Enhanced ability to make decisions.

  • Openness to giving and receiving love.

  • Kundalini energy activation and alignment
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Disclaimer: Prime Meridians (Michael) does not diagnose conditions, perform medical treatments, prescribe substances or medications, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical care professional. Energetic co-healing is an effective complementary alternative medicine in addition to, not a substitute for, medical attention provided by a licensed physician or other holistic healthcare provider. It is recommended that clients receiving co-healing treatments also see a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare professional for any mental or physical ailments.

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