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Personal Journeys:  

Ceremonies and Sacraments 

In a container of safety and facilitation, you will be able to
explore and activate your divine potential 
through an intentional dose of sacred plant medicine. 


Sacred Plant Medicines gives you a direct visceral
experience of your own divinity.

Integrative sessions and Plant Medicines

Integrative sacrament (1-2 hrs) - A sacrament is a ritual where a person takes a micro-dose of a sacred substance that has been infused with a blessing of intention. Once consumed, the person embodies the spiritual energy of that blessing that can then be taken and integrated into their daily life. A sacrament often involves a ceremony of music, meditation, and reflection. Sacraments can be done as a group ceremony or used to enhance a regular 1:1 session.

Kanna sacrament - Native to South Africa, this indigenous medicinal plant was used for spiritual and physical activities. Today Kanna is used as an alternative for improving mood, promoting relaxation and happiness. Kanna can be taken as a tea, ingested as a powder, or blown into the nasal cavity.

Hape sacrament - Traditionally used for shamanic practices before hunting, rites of passage, prayer, and meditation. Hape helps with grounding, setting intention, calming, and cleansing the 3rd eye. Made from ground sacred tobacco (nicotina rustica), ash, shells, and bark. The fine powder is blown straight into the nasal cavity. 

Blue Lotus sacramentBlue lotus, also known as the blue water lily, is a flower used as a sacrament, most notably by the ancient Egyptians in their social and spiritual rituals. A tea is made from the flower and an intention is set for a spiritual blessing. 

Cacao sacrament - The cacao bean has been utilized in religious ceremonies in ancient America due to its rich, bitter taste and powerful ability to open the heart and spirit. When consumed, especially in the ceremonial context, it is believed to unlock a portal to the divine, facilitating a deeper, heart-centered connection to oneself and the universe.

Integrative ceremony (5-8 hrs) - An integrative ceremony is a ritual where a person takes a macro-dose of a sacred plant medicine with the intention of creating space for a personal transformational journey. These experiences have the ability to powerfully enhance a person's physical, mental, and spiritual state of being, creating a space for transformation. A personal journey ceremony often demands a longer time period connected with integration strategies and sessions immediately following the ceremony or at a later date. Journeys can be done as a group ceremony (3-4) or as an individual.

Psilocybin ceremony (5 hr min.) - A macr-dose of the sacred plant medicine psilocybin. The plant is ground into a powder and made into a tea. Intentions are set that allow the medicine entities to work in tandem with the mind, body, and spirit to induce visions and messages from the spiritual dimensions. Many people report transformational experiences of spiritual awakenings and identity rebirths.

Changa/DMT ceremony (2hrs) - This mini Ayahuasca experience is an herbal blend that is inhaled to induce visions and messages from the spirit realm. Known to decalcify the 3rd eye, remove conscious and subconscious emotional blocks, release limiting beliefs to reclaim sovereignty, and regain power over your life. For many, it is a spiritual awakening and helps let go of traditional ways of being with ease, replacing self-sabotaging behaviors with good habits. 

Heart/mind openers ceremony (5-8 hrs) - Using specific earth medicines and tinctures, clients are taken through a spiritual journey of heightened empathy and compassion designed for individual or relationship growth. This journey induces an explosion of the mind and heart that creates an experience of awakening and awareness.

Please Note: Personal Journey Ceremonies are not scheduled through this site. If you are interested in a personal journey ceremony, you must first contact me through email. A few of the plant medicines are available for micro-dosing during regular sessions upon request.

Benefits of Plant Medicine Personal Journeys


Experience religious reprogramming

Understand the importance of life-stage initiations

More easily explore societal rites of passage

Experience existential death and rebirth

More easily undergo ego reprogramming

Understand reparenting and generational release

More fully explore surrendering and letting go

Nonjudgemental hedonistic exploration

Understand genuine worship

Embrace your true divine femininity

Embrace your true divine masculinity


"I'm in my mid-50s and the discovery of plant medicines has forever changed my life. I have finally worked through so many issues that I was able to freely embrace with their help."  ~ Elizabeth

"I'm a completely different person. I had no idea a human being could experience what I did. More people need to experience this!"  ~Chris

"It was very scary at first, but that was a lot of the work. It takes courage to do something hard. This experience has helped me to reevaluate my life unlike anything I've ever done before."  ~Lauren

"The plant medicines are a complement to regular therapy. I've been in therapy for years and using the plant medicines have rocketed me 100 steps forward. It was like months of therapy in one sitting. I still have a lot of work to do but it made things clearer."  ~ Ethan. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would just like to connect.